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Your donation qualifies for a tax credit!  How does a tax credit work?

The Arizona Tax Credit Program gives you full credit for your contribution and reduces your Arizona tax liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis!

It’s better than a tax deduction because with a tax credit you receive a reduction on your state income tax in the same amount!

You can directly deduct $400.00 (for couples filing jointly) or $200.00 (for individuals filing singly) from the amount you pay in Arizona income tax.  Anyone who pays Arizona state income tax is eligible to take advantage of this program. You may also be able to qualify for a donation as a charitable contribution on your Federal tax return.  Note: You do not have to be a parent with a child or children enrolled in Verde Valley Montessori to participate.

Verde Valley Montessori School is offering a unique opportunity for local businesses! If you make a minimum donation of $200.00 to the school you will receive the following free advertising throughout the 2013 year:

  • Your company logo and contact information will be placed under “Our Sponsors” section of the school website.
  • Your company logo and contact information will be placed on the monthly school email as a featured sponsor
  • During Summer and Winter special events we will pass out your businesses coupons to event attendees driving traffic to your local business.
  •  Your company logo will be featured on the Verde Valley Montessori school float for the Christmas parade
  •  A special Thank You message will be broadcast to your business on the Verde Valley Montessori Facebook and Twitter page reaching the local friends and families of Verde Valley Montessori.
  • Your donation will help our school, raise positive awareness of your business, and drive potential local customers to your storefront.



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