• The Verde Valley Montessori Advantage

    Give your child the gift of a Verde Valley Montessori education. Montessori education meets State Standards and your child learns even more...
  • Teaching Self-Reliance and Community Building

    Montessori kids work on group projects that reinforce teamwork and guided learning.
  • Children Learn from Teachers and Peers
    Learning Made

    Montessori builds on your child's learning strengths and helps them with their more difficult areas.
  • Montessori Students Are Tought At State Standards and Beyond

    Montessori students learn to be stewards of our world.



40 years of combined experience
in Montessori Instruction.
Over 200 successful students graduated.

The result is always the same:
Changing Children's lives for a better tomorrow.

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Why Verde Valley Montessori?

The main objectives of  Verde Valley Montessori is to provide a stimulating environment and a nurturing relationship which assists students in developing independence, responsibility, initiative, self discipline and a strong self-esteem there by, encouraging creative thinking, fostering a love of learning, and an appreciation of the diversity of the human spirit.

Our Leadership & Expertise In Montessori Teaching

Mary Ann Green has a BS in Education from the University of Cincinnati and an MA with a concentration in Montessori Education from Xavier University. She also holds an American Montessori Certification for Primary and Lower Elementary and a Consultant Certification, also from AMS. She has served as a teacher, facilitator and curriculum coordinator, and of Developing Capable People Parenting groups. She has also presented workshops at the Princeton Center for Teacher Education, at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education and at regional and national Montessori conferences. MaryAnn has lived in Arizona for more than fifteen years and is the Director and charter holder of VVM.

Our Parent Teacher Organization

The Verde Valley Montessori Parent Teacher Organization consists of volunteer teachers and parents who wish to enhance the students experiences through special school events (e.g., Carnival, Family/School Game Night, Cottonwood Holiday Float Sponsorship and Decoration, etc..) and activities.  The VVM PTO is always coming up with fun ways to offer continued opportunities for parents to become involved with their children’s education through interaction with faculty and students within the Montessori tradition.  In addition to the regular VVM PTO meetings in which all parents are always welcome to attend/join, the school offers a parent forum and parent education (on the Montessori Education concepts/practices).

Donate & Help Expand Our Mission

The Arizona Tax Credit Program gives you full credit for your contribution and reduces your Arizona tax liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis! It’s better than a tax deduction because with a tax credit you receive a reduction on your state income tax in the same amount! You can directly deduct $400.00 (for couples filing jointly) or $200.00 (for individuals filing singly) from the amount you pay in Arizona income tax. Anyone who pays Arizona state income tax is eligible to take advantage of this program. You may also be able to qualify for a donation as a charitable contribution on your Federal tax return. Note: You do not have to be a parent with a child or children enrolled in Verde Valley Montessori to participate.  Donation Tax Form

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